Goodbye Sign

The register says goodbye

Let's say it with B. B. King:

"The thrill is gone"

Now that the specifications of every factory Turbo-Look (WTL) ever built from 1984 to 1994 have been researched vehicle by vehicle and almost all the details of every car are known, all that remains is to publish all the knowledge in a comprehensive book. Unfortunately, an unfulfilled wish.

In 2007 - the founding year of the Turbo-Look Register - only rudimentary knowledge was available about Porsche's turbo-wide originals with naturally aspirated engines (M491). Every myth circulating at the time and every document available at the time subsequently proved to be untrue and incorrect. All it took was someone to scrutinise the claims.
2024: The search for the WTL truth will now end on a hard disk drive.

What remains?

In any case, a fulfilled father-son project that could not have been more valuable.
Thank you Nicolas - you alone have made it possible to get this far with your technical expertise, time and patience.

Thanks to all supporters, members, Porsche enthusiasts - such a comprehensive project cannot be realised without friendly help.

Thanks to Porsche AG, which has stubbornly refused to provide even the slightest support. Rejection can also be an incentive.

Thanks to Suncoast Parts in California, USA, and open-S Manufaktur in Germany, who have supported the project over the years.

Trude Herr once sang:

"You never leave completely"

Questions and suggestions can still be sent via the contact form. Perhaps there will be an answer ...

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With wide regards from Cologne.
Norbert Franz